Common Types of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is something that can be very difficult to understand if you are not equipped with the right information. For those living in the Longwood, FL area, the helpful agents of Blanchard Insurance can help you determine what level of coverage is right for you and your individual needs as well as the legal requirements of your state.

There are two basic types of auto insurance, the first is liability. This is the minimum amount of coverage that is required by both your state and the federal government to keep your vehicle street legal and to keep up current registration. Liability insurance covers a certain monetary amount that is predetermined by both the federal government and by your individual state to help insure that should you be in an accident, there will be coverage for both you and for the other person involved.

For those that have a newer automobile or that have a loan on their automobile, it is necessary for more coverage than liability can provide. The other common type of auto insurance is full coverage. Full coverage offers a deductible to help cover the cost of the claim then it can pay out the full value of the vehicle so that you can pay off the remainder or your loan and purchase a new car. Full coverage also offers more coverage for personal medical bills, time off work, and more as well as more money to help cover the costs of the other person involved in the accident.

Both types of coverage are wonderful to help protect you when you are on the road and to help protect other drivers as well. For more information on what type of insurance you may need if you live in the Longwood, FL area, contact Blanchard insurance today.