Get the Right Commercial Insurance for Company Vehicles

For the newly established small business, it may seem like common sense to simply use the family truck to deliver your goods.  You don’t have to pay out for a large expense right away and the vehicle does the job you need.  However, leaving the same personal auto insurance on the vehicle is not a great idea.  Should something happen while the vehicle is being used for your company, only commercial auto insurance from Blanchard Insurance is going to offer the coverage you need.

Protect Your Company

People often look at any business as a deep pocket.  Should your vehicle be involved in a fender bender, commercial insurance will protect company assets beyond the required minimums for personal vehicles. When it is difficult enough to maintain a positive cash flow, paying out exorbitant fees or settlements due to a simple accident simply doesn’t make sense. Talk to an agent today about what parts of commercial insurance will help in times like these.

Protect Your Employees

Commercial auto insurance is designed to provide coverage to employees who are using vehicles for company business.  Personal auto insurance won’t provide the same options and coverage in case of an accident. By investing in the right options, your staff can perform their duties with confidence knowing that they will be taken care of when unforeseen circumstances occur while using the company car.

Protect Your Customers

Your vehicle might be used to visit many different properties over the course of business.  Commercial auto insurance will ensure any damage or injury to a patron or their property caused by your vehicle or employee will be addressed in a prompt and professional manner, protecting your future relationship with that patron for years to come.

Your insurance agent at Blanchard Insurance will be happy to discuss all the options for commercial insurance, including auto coverage with you. Give them a call today.