Auto Insurance – Commercial or Personal: Which Do I Need?

Automotive insurance is mandatory for a reason. Auto accidents are one of the most common claims out there, but often people end up losing out when they experience an accident because they find out too late that they were carrying the wrong kind of insurance for their needs. 

This is understandable though, as often the lines can be blurred between which insurance is too much, and which is not enough for your situation. While it is always better to have the coverage you don’t need than need coverage you don’t have, below are some explanations to help you decide for yourself if your automotive insurance should be commercial, or personal.

Who Drives the Car?

This is important because if you are not driving the vehicle primarily, or are allowing employees to drive the car, they will not be covered under a personal policy. If you use your vehicle for business purposes, it is important to get commercial auto insurance. An exception being if you are a sole proprietor and only lightly use the car for business purposes.

What Kind of Vehicle do you Drive?

Another important distinction is to know your vehicle and vehicle class. Heavier vehicles such as tow trucks, tractors, and semi trucks can do much more damage in the event of an accident, which is why they require more coverage. Heavy class vehicles such as this almost always require commercial insurance. 

While several other factors could influence whether you need commercial or personal insurance on your vehicle, the above are the most central. The best way to know for sure what you need is to talk to professionals like those at Blanchard Insurance. They service many areas, including Longwood, FL, and just a phone call with a rep can help you get the policy you need to rest easy.