Can I get one umbrella policy that protects me in several areas?

Most people in Altamonte Springs, FL probably don’t get an umbrella insurance policy because they don’t think they need it. When you purchase standard auto, life, renter or property insurance through Blanchard Insurance, you only consider your direct needs.

However, an umbrella policy can protect you if you are ever the subject of a large liability lawsuit. Because the policy limits can be much higher, umbrella policies offer greater overall protection. They can also offer wider protection, like a real umbrella sheltering its holder.

Some Examples of What May Be Covered 

Whether you own a home or an automobile, you can have an umbrella policy which will limit your liability in case of an excessive judgment. One example is if you are liable for an accident where the other vehicle’s value exceeded your policy limits. Another example is if someone at your home falls or is bitten by a dog. An umbrella policy will effectively raise your rates to help meet the judgments. 

An umbrella policy will also protect you as a landlord if someone is hurt using your property. It can even cover your damages if you are sued for libel or slander. One of the best and most important parts of having an umbrella policy is that it will also cover the legal fees necessary to defend yourself in a lawsuit.

How Does It Work? 

The basic principle of an umbrella policy is that it will start offering you protection once you reach the limits on your other policies. So you need to start with a basic policy and then add this extra coverage. 

If you are wondering if an umbrella policy can help you in Altamonte Springs, FL, call Blanchard Insurance for free advice and a quote.