When to Update Your Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance in Altamonte Springs, FL may seem like a list of terms and conditions that should stay the same from month to month. But this assumption can land you in hot water if you’re not careful. Policies need to grow and evolve with the policyholder, so the vehicle owner is always covered. Blanchard Insurance wants you to know when to call your carrier. 

You Upgraded Your Car

Upgrades are normally the biggest reason why people need to update their policy. If you install expensive rims or replace the stereo system, this inherently increases the value of your car. If you don’t let your carrier know, these upgrades may not be covered under your normal policy. Your auto insurance policy has limits in place based on how much the vehicle was worth at the time of purchase. Anything that alters that value will need to be communicated with your carrier. 

Your Lifestyle Changes

Whether you move, get a new job, or decide to start driving for a ride-sharing company, you need to update your policy. For example, if your new job means you’ll be commuting twice as far as you were before, your insurance carrier will want to know about the increased risks of your being on the road. Or if you move to a location with less overall crime in the area, you may be able to get a discount on your insurance policy. 

If you live in Altamonte Springs, FL, you need to be aware of how your policy is affected by the choices you make. The more you stay in communication with your carrier, the less likely it is you’ll have a problem if you do file a claim. If you have questions about how auto policies work in real life, call Blanchard Insurance to get more information today. 

What to Look for When Comparing Car Insurance Polices

Comparing car insurance policies in Altamonte Springs, FL is a good way to save money, but you need to know what to look for.

It can be easy to focus on the final cost of  policy, but when you are comparing policies you need to look at the coverage selections, limits, and deductibles, before you consider the final prices. The cheapest policy will likely offer the least amount of coverage, which can provide some of the least financial protection if you have an accident. There are also a number of different policy options. It’s best to select liability limits that are higher than the required ones and have optional coverage, such as collision or comprehensive insurance, in order to have the best financial protection. You need to compare apples to apples in order to get the right picture.

Compare Discounts and Premiums: Your policy may come with a deductible, and this means you have to pay it before coverage can kick in following a claim. Raising your deductible can lower your premium. When you are comparing limits and deductibles, also look at available discounts that are offered. Discounts can be good money savers, but not all are created equal. Read the terms of each discount and take the savings into consideration while you compare different rates.

Look at the Company: Don’t just look at the quotes, but also look at the company providing the policy. Check the business vitals and factor in customer service. Does the company have any reviews? Are they able to provide claims service 24/7?

Pay Attention to Any Exclusions or Additional Services: Policies can come with additional features. Some policies will offer towing and labor cost overage to help with tire changes, lockout assistance, and emergency job starts. This may not be important if your car is new, but will be useful if your car is older. An add-on service may not break a policy, but it can be useful if you are looking at two policies that are almost the same price. An agent at Blanchard Insurance can explain the added services.

Contact Blanchard Insurance, serving Altamonte Springs, FL, to get a quote on car insurance. 


Do I Need Auto Insurance?

If you own a car, you already know that there are many important rules and regulations that need to be followed for those that are in the Altamone Springs, FL area, one very important requirement to remember to follow is the requirement to carry auto insurance. There are several situations that can dictate whether you need insurance and what type of coverage you must have.

You Plan to Drive Legally

If you ever plan on taking your car out on the road in Florida, you will be required by law to carry auto insurance. Compared to other states, Florida’s insurance requirements typically have lower coverage requirements. To drive a car legally in this state, you will need to have $10,000 in personal property liability coverage and $10,000 in personal injury liability coverage. Both of these types of insurance will give you coverage if you are at fault during a car crash or other situation. 

You Have a Loan

Another situation in which you will need to have auto insurance is if you have a loan. Since cars can be expensive, many people need to take out loans in order to finance the purchase. When you have a loan, you do need to follow various requirements. For example, you will need to have a full collision and comprehensive policy in place. If you don’t, you will be in violation of the loan agreement.

Since having auto insurance in Altamonte Springs, FL is a necessity, meeting with the Blanchard Insurance company would be very beneficial. The Blanchard Insurance company will be able to provide you with a variety of services to ensure you are able to get into a great policy. This will include helping you to better understand your insurance needs and finding a great policy that works for you. 

Auto Insurance – Commercial or Personal: Which Do I Need?

Automotive insurance is mandatory for a reason. Auto accidents are one of the most common claims out there, but often people end up losing out when they experience an accident because they find out too late that they were carrying the wrong kind of insurance for their needs. 

This is understandable though, as often the lines can be blurred between which insurance is too much, and which is not enough for your situation. While it is always better to have the coverage you don’t need than need coverage you don’t have, below are some explanations to help you decide for yourself if your automotive insurance should be commercial, or personal.

Who Drives the Car?

This is important because if you are not driving the vehicle primarily, or are allowing employees to drive the car, they will not be covered under a personal policy. If you use your vehicle for business purposes, it is important to get commercial auto insurance. An exception being if you are a sole proprietor and only lightly use the car for business purposes.

What Kind of Vehicle do you Drive?

Another important distinction is to know your vehicle and vehicle class. Heavier vehicles such as tow trucks, tractors, and semi trucks can do much more damage in the event of an accident, which is why they require more coverage. Heavy class vehicles such as this almost always require commercial insurance. 

While several other factors could influence whether you need commercial or personal insurance on your vehicle, the above are the most central. The best way to know for sure what you need is to talk to professionals like those at Blanchard Insurance. They service many areas, including Longwood, FL, and just a phone call with a rep can help you get the policy you need to rest easy.

Handling Flood Conditions While Driving

Driving in heavy rain and flooding conditions in the Longwood, FL area can be hazardous. The excess water can damage your car, cause it to stall, or cause you to have an accident. The best choice is to wait, but if you must travel during heavy rains and flooding conditions here are some wet weather tips to help keep you safe.

  • Take a little extra time to drive slower and expects delays from possible traffic congestion. Keep in mind stopping distances can be at least double because your tires will have less grip with water on the roadway.
  • Take time to size up standing water before driving through it.  What may appear to be a puddle, can end up being deeper than it appeared initially.
  • If you suspect it’s too deep for your vehicle or you can’t be sure, find an alternate route.  Modern doors seal well and will likely keep the water out, but it will also cause your vehicle to be buoyant, and it will lose contact with the ground.
  • If the water is shallow enough to drive through, take it slow so too much water doesn’t get into the engine compartment and cause it to stall or damage the electronics.
  • Once you exit, pause for a moment to allow excess water to drain off the car. It’s a good idea of gently push the brake pedal to when exiting to create a little friction heat and burn off excess moisture.

Blanchard Insurance

The agents at Blanchard Insurance in the Longwood, FL area want you and your passengers to travel safely. We also want to be there in case you have an accident to have the coverage you need. Contact one of the Blanchard experienced agents today to discuss your auto insurance options. 

Five Factors That Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates

Motorists in Longwood, FL are always looking for ways on how to save on their auto insurance premiums. But, before you cut down on coverage or increase your deductibles to save a few pennies every month, there are safer ways to control your rates without sacrificing coverage. Insurers look at numerous criteria when determining a driver’s premium, and the consumer can control a good number of these.

A handful of common factors that impact auto insurance rates include:


If you’re under 25, you can expect to pay more as you’re inexperienced on the roads. Once you start driving in your golden years, you can expect to pay more, too. However, there is a sweet spot for those aged 25 to 65.


While you may be thinking that your job has little to do with your auto insurance, the insurance industry found that drivers with certain occupations are safer on the roads, and therefore, less likely to file a claim. Doctors, nurses, and firefighters are among those who could enjoy lower premiums.


Quite simply, if you’re on the roads more, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be involved in an accident. If you’re driving many miles to and from work during rush hour, you may face higher premiums than those who work from home.


If you leave your car outside overnight in an area with high theft and vandalism rates, expect a pricier premium.

Vehicle Safety

Safe cars on the road mean fewer accidents. Vehicle safety features can include those that prevent collision and theft.

Talk to the Blanchard Insurance professionals who can help you find the right auto insurance to suit your needs and budget. Visit Blanchard Insurance, serving motorists in Longwood, FL and beyond today.

Top Auto Insurance Myths

Auto insurance is a necessity in Longwood, FL. Even if you think you know everything about it, you probably don’t. In fact, there are many myths about auto insurance that are constantly going around. To help you become more educated on what is true and false, Blanchard Insurance has compiled a list of some of the most common myths.

  • Your Credit Score Has Nothing To Do With Your Insurance Rate. Having a poor credit score can directly impact your rate. The lower your score, the more likely it is that you will end up paying more for auto insurance. Many insurance companies actually use this to help determine how likely you are to continue paying the cost every month.
  • Red Cars Cost More to Insure. Have you considered not getting a red car because you thought it might cost more in insurance? You may have made a mistake because the color of a car has nothing to do with it. What is taken into account is the made, model, age, engine size, and body style of the vehicle as well as the age, driving history, and credit score of the driver.
  • If Your Car Is Totaled, It Will Be Paid Off by Insurance. This is not completely the truth. In fact, insurance will be for some but they look at fair market value. This takes into account the original cost as well as the depreciation. This can sometimes mean that there is a gap and the rest will need to be paid for by the driver. Gap Insurance is a good alternative to prevent this.

If you are thinking about getting a new auto insurance policy or are interested in making sure you are not paying too much, you can reach out to Blanchard Insurance serving Longwood, FL.

How to Determine if You Have Enough Coverage

Your home insurance is something that makes a huge difference in how you live your day to day and how secure your home is in the case of a disaster. There are some different ways that you can test to see if you have enough coverage that can help you make sure you have the right policy each and every time. For those that live in the Longwood, FL area, the agents with Blanchard Insurance can help you find the right policy for you.

The first way to determine if you have the right coverage is to have your home assessed in terms of value. This is going to tell you how much your home is worth so that you can then determine how much it would cost to rebuild in your current economy. You then need to discuss with your agent how much your home is worth and how much coverage you really need.

Another tip is to think about any updates or upgrades you have made to your home. If you have upgraded your home recently you likely need more coverage. If you have added valuable contents to your home you may also need more coverage. You also want to keep property values in mind and how much risk your home is at. If you live near water, for instance, you might want to consider flood insurance. If you live near a factory you might want to get a bit more coverage as well.

Taking the time to figure out how much coverage you need is one real factor that people need to consider in order to make sure you are covered. The wrong home insurance could be a disaster. For those in the Longwood, FL area, the agents with Blanchard Insurance can help you find the right policy.  

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements for Florida Drivers

Every Florida driver is required to purchase auto insurance, and they must have a minimum amount of coverage to legally drive in the state. You must also provide proof of insurance coverage before you can register your vehicle at the DMV, and you may have to purchase additional coverage if you have been found guilty of certain criminal offenses.

If you want to find the best auto insurance rates in Longwood, FL, it’s important to shop around, and be sure to take advantage of any online resources that may be available. You should also take a look at what’s available at Blanchard Insurance. They will be able to find a plan that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

The state of Florida requires any vehicle with four or more wheels to have the following coverage:

•    At least $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
•    At least $10,000 in Property Damage Liability (PDL)

The Florida DMV may ask you to purchase an additional amount in one or both of these areas if you have been convicted of certain crimes.

You have the option to purchase additional coverage in other areas (such as bodily injury and collision), and it may be advisable to do so because it could minimize your liability if you have an accident. Be sure to look around for the best rates in your area. And if you live in Longwood, FL, be sure to speak to an agent at Blanchard Insurance. They will be able to come up with a comprehensive plan that will meet your needs, and they’re more than happy to work within your budget. Be sure to call their offices so you can get the auto insurance coverage you need! They would be happy to speak with you!


How salty sea air affects your car’s paintjob in Longwood

Longwood, FL is one of the best places in the world to live. You get to enjoy warm weather all year long, and you’re never more than a short drive from the beach. But, being that close to the sea does have some downsides for your automobile. Namely, the salty sea air can do a number on your car’s exterior if you’re not careful.

The problem is that the salt starts to collect on your car and build up. A little bit here and there is no big deal, but let it collect without cleaning it, and your super cool James Bond-mobile is going to start looking very Mad Max very soon.

Salt is one of the most absorbent substances in the world. Anything it touches, it starts to chew away at. When you see those beach homes with the support beams on their last legs, that’s because salt was allowed to accumulate on the surface until it ate its way through to the core. The same thing can happen to your car, leaving you calling Blanchard Insurance to see what your policy says about salt damage.

If you live less than 100 miles away from the ocean, then this concerns you. Farther than that and the damages are minimal. If you live in Longwood, FL, especially if you like to take regular trips to the sea, then this is something to consider.

The only way to prevent this: Keep your car clean and waxed, and cover it up if you’re going to be letting it sit for awhile. This will keep the moisture from collecting on it. You can get coverage against certain kinds of wear and tear through Blanchard Insurance, but as they say, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.