How Boat Insurance Protects Your Beautiful Vessel From Vandal Damage

Living in Altamonte Springs, FL is a great option for people who love boating. Unfortunately, your beautiful vessel may end up being vandalized by somebody who is either jealous of your property or simply mean-spirited. Therefore, you should contact Blanchard Insurance to learn more about how boat insurance can help you against vandals.

Why Do People Vandalize Boats?

Vandals very rarely have good reasons for their destructive behavior. Some are simply bored individuals who are thoughtless about the property of others. Some vandals are so-called artists who think that painting their name or other items on a boat is an expression of their artistic skills.

More serious vandalization issues, such as breaking parts of the boat for no reason, may also be a problem. Some people are jealous of the success of others and lash out in any way that they can. Whatever the cause, a vandalized boat is a heartbreaking situation.

Will Insurance Cover Vandals?

When your boat is vandalized by somebody else – including paint damage and other physical destruction – your boat insurance will typically kick in and help you repair the damage. Most policies will cover up to the limits of your policy, which is typically based on a yearly amount.

However, some lower-quality policies may have exclusions on vandalization that you need to take into account before buying a policy. Look through the limitations to see what the policy won’t cover and then ask your provider for one that will cover the vandalized property. Thankfully, most should provide this coverage without requiring a special request from you.

Protect Your Financial Investment

As you can see, boat insurance is a good choice for any Altamonte Springs, FL residents who are concerned about vandals damaging their boat. So please contact us at Blanchard Insurance to talk to one of our agents. We can help you find an insurance policy that will protect you from losing serious cash if somebody damages your boat.

Protect Your Personal Possessions and Add an Inventory to Your Condo Insurance Policy

If you lost your Altamonte Springs, FL condo and everything inside, what exactly will your current condo insurance replace? While your policy does include replacing personal possessions, it may not pay you enough to replace some of your more significant belongings. The agents at Blanchard Insurance would like you to sit down with us and review your policy to make sure you are sufficiently protected from fire and theft.

Most Condo Insurance Comes with Replacement Value for Personal Possessions

Your typical policy will replace lost personal belongings at their replacement value–which means their current value, not what you paid for them. While that will likely take care of replacing pots, pans, and basic clothing requirements, it may not take care of your more unique items.

What Does It Really Cost to Replace Fine Art, Collectibles, or Jewelry?

For those customers who make a habit of adding fine art to their walls, you do realize that the price of the canvas is subject to change. Your grandmother’s pearls are priceless to you, but not necessarily to an adjuster. Perhaps your spouse collects autographs. The signed hat, old pearls, and framed print could be valued far below their purchase price.

Add an Inventory with Assessed Value to be Fully Compensated

When you consult with your insurance agent at Blanchard Insurance to create an inventory, you agree on how much you will be paid if you lose your itemized valuables.  You may need to have different pieces appraised or document purchase prices using receipts. However, in the end, you will end up feeling like your hard work and investments are not just money down the drain.

If you have more questions about condo insurance in the Altamonte Springs, FL area, give us a call and our friendly and knowledgeable agents will be happy to help.

How does flood insurance work?

Floods are frequent in some states in the U.S, and Florida is not exceptional. This is so because of the characteristic nature of Florida’s weather patterns, geography, and proximity to both inland and coastal waters. This often puts the state at risk for floods including the surrounding areas. Homeowners in Florida should take a flood insurance cover if they own any structure in high-risk flood areas. This insurance is also known as under the ground cover or water traveling along.  

How the policy works 

Even though renters and homeowners insurance doesn’t cover floods including surges, you can purchase a flood policy separately from private insurers like Altamonte Springs, FL based Blanchard Insurance or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Just like in any state, the NFIP aims to reduce the demand of the state of Florida on federal disaster assistance for uninsured flood losses. Also, it helps enforce building codes, retain and restore wetlands to absorb floodwaters and encourage homeowners to live flood-wary.  

Policy sign up 

Signing up for the plan is a requisite when taking a mortgage loan if your property is located in the flood-prone zone. Besides, the policy is a reasonable consideration for residents living in lowly elevated grounds or places with high exposure to storms. While shopping for a flood insurance cover, you are likely to come across different private insurers who apply different rates. 

Would you like an insurer to help you underwrite a flood insurance policy? Altamonte Springs, FL based Blanchard Insurance agents will ensure you have all the support you need. Call us today we will partner together and mitigate the effects of any such future flood risks. 


Can I get one umbrella policy that protects me in several areas?

Most people in Altamonte Springs, FL probably don’t get an umbrella insurance policy because they don’t think they need it. When you purchase standard auto, life, renter or property insurance through Blanchard Insurance, you only consider your direct needs.

However, an umbrella policy can protect you if you are ever the subject of a large liability lawsuit. Because the policy limits can be much higher, umbrella policies offer greater overall protection. They can also offer wider protection, like a real umbrella sheltering its holder.

Some Examples of What May Be Covered 

Whether you own a home or an automobile, you can have an umbrella policy which will limit your liability in case of an excessive judgment. One example is if you are liable for an accident where the other vehicle’s value exceeded your policy limits. Another example is if someone at your home falls or is bitten by a dog. An umbrella policy will effectively raise your rates to help meet the judgments. 

An umbrella policy will also protect you as a landlord if someone is hurt using your property. It can even cover your damages if you are sued for libel or slander. One of the best and most important parts of having an umbrella policy is that it will also cover the legal fees necessary to defend yourself in a lawsuit.

How Does It Work? 

The basic principle of an umbrella policy is that it will start offering you protection once you reach the limits on your other policies. So you need to start with a basic policy and then add this extra coverage. 

If you are wondering if an umbrella policy can help you in Altamonte Springs, FL, call Blanchard Insurance for free advice and a quote. 

Is It Too Late to Buy Life Insurance?

At Blanchard Insurance, the agents are always looking out for the clients in Altamonte Springs, FL, especially when it comes to life insurance. It’s important to know just how much coverage you need. Even if you are passed the age of 65, there are life insurance policies that can benefit you and your family in the long run. Knowing what types of policies are available to you will help you make a wise decision.

How Late Is Too Late?

Even if you’re in your 60’s and 70’s, there are some shorter term life insurance policies you may qualify for. Permanent life policies are also available if you meet other requirements. No matter how old you are, it’s important to take into consideration what will happen to your family if you pass away without some type of policy that will help them pay your final expenses. If you already have your final expenses covered, then the proceeds from your policy can be used to clear away debt or pay off your mortgage.

There Are Always Benefits

Having an insurance policy in place will always allow for some type of benefit. If you are in your 50’s and sign up for a term life insurance policy that is due to mature in 20 years, you will have that much available to you when you retire. Aside from paying for your final expenses, your life insurance proceeds can be used for a variety of things. You can choose to cash the policy out or simply let it stay where it is and gain interest.

The residents of Altamonte Springs, FL can call Blanchard Insurance any time they have questions or concerns about their life insurance. Call today to get the answers you need!

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Independent Contractors?

The new “gig economy” has grown the numbers of independent contractors in Altamonte Springs, FL and all across the country since the Great Recession. While some industries have addressed the question of insurance coverage for contractors, others may need to take a second look at the potential insurance needs for themselves and their workers. Accidents and injuries can happen in any industry and profession. Whether you need insurance for your independent contractors (or whether you need insurance as an independent contractor) depends on the type of work involved and the amount of risk you are comfortable taking. 

Businesses and Independent Contractors: Why You Should Get Insurance  

If your independent contractor has no insurance, you could be held liable for their sub-par, code-violating work, accidents, or illegal conduct. Most of the time it is appropriate for both the independent contractor and the business to carry general liability insurance. This will help you, no matter which side of the fence you are coming from, in the event that you face a lawsuit. Independent contractors have the same liabilities as any other business.

General Liability Insurance 

GL insurance protects you in the event of injuries, equipment breakage, and property damage on the job site. It protects both the independent contractor and the business contracting with them.  

Errors and Omissions Insurance 

This insurance covers overlooked items and professional mistakes and is crucial in professional industries such as software development, law, medicine, and engineering. It generally protects you against claims for legal expenses in the event a lawsuit is brought regarding unacceptable work or work not performed, including: 

  • Professional mistakes 
  • Failure to deliver promised goods 
  • Professional negligence 

Commercial Auto Coverage 

If your independent contractor drives on your behalf as part of a contractual project or job, you may be held liable in the event of an accident or collision. Commercial automobile coverage from Blanchard Insurance will protect both you and your independent contractor while they provide driving services in the course of their work.

What Valuables are Covered by Home Insurance?

Before buying a home insurance policy, consider the value of your home and personal belongings. If you own a lot of valuables, you may need more protection than what a standard policy has to offer. Talking to a  Blanchard Insurance agent will give you greater insight into coverage options and costs so you can get the protection your Altamonte Springs, FL home needs.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance protects your structure, personal goods and liability claims, according to the limits on your policy. If your house or goods are damaged in a storm or fire, home insurance will help pay for their repair or replacement costs. If a friend were to have an accident on your property, your liability coverage would help cover his medical costs.

What about Valuables?

Most insurance policies cover valuables up to a certain amount. If your valuables exceed that amount, you’ll need to purchase additional coverage to fully protect these assets. By reviewing your policy with one of our agents, you can confirm what valuables are covered and the amount of coverage provided. You’ll then need to have your valuables appraised to determine their worth. If your policy doesn’t cover their actual value, you can obtain additional coverage, aka a floater, to safeguard you against their loss. 

Posh jewelry, furs, heirlooms, antiques or works of art are just a few examples of valuables that may need a floater to cover their repair or replacement cost. Your floater should protect your valuables against the same perils as your standard insurance to include theft and “mysterious disappearance” (loss of an item due to undetermined cause).

To learn more about floaters and the protection they offer, contact Blanchard Insurance, Altamonte Springs, FL. We can provide you with personalized home insurance coverage suited to your individual need.

Now is the Time to Review Your Mobile Home Insurance and Hurricane Coverage

Hurricane season is a stressful time of year for all Floridians, especially those who live in mobile homes. If you are in the Altamonte Springs, FL area, the experienced agents at Blanchard Insurance are here to help you make sure that you are ready for this year’s round of hurricanes! Mobile homes in Florida can require additional coverage depending on their exact location, and it is important to have all of your policies and protections in place before a storm hits. If you are buying a new or pre-owned mobile home, or you just want to make sure that your current policy provides adequate protection, it is time to meet with your local Blanchard Insurance agent.

It is Important to Update Your Insurance Coverage on a Regular Basis

Whether you live in a conventional home or one that is manufactured, having insurance protection in place prior to hurricane season is a smart decision. Your home can be more susceptible to damage and destruction. Knowing that you are protected if the worst case scenario were to occur, can provide you with valuable peace of mind! As your mobile home ages, you will want to adjust your coverage amount to reflect current replacement values in the event that the home is destroyed in a hurricane. Additional coverage for hurricane and flood damage is often recommended for clients in Florida.

Call Us Today to Schedule a Policy Review of Your Mobile Home Insurance

If you are in the process of buying a mobile home or you want to make sure that your current policy provides adequate coverage, contact Blanchard Insurance today. We are proud to serve the Altamonte Springs, FL area and our agents look forward to working with you!

What Does Manufactured Home Insurance Cover?

Manufactured home insurance, or mobile home insurance, in Altamonte Springs, FL isn’t much different than regular home insurance in terms of what is covered. It’s important to protect your mobile home with insurance, whether you live there full time or only during certain seasons.

Structure and Contents

If your manufactured home is damaged due to fire, hail, theft, or vandalism, the cost to repair or replace the home is covered by your insurance. Additional structures, such as a patio or garage, and the belongings in your home are also covered. Belongings can include furniture, bicycles, and more. These items will also be protected when outside the home. Be sure to check with an agent to see what types of perils are covered, so you know if your home is protected from potential damage. While flooding is likely to not be covered, certain water leaks may be covered. If a pipe suddenly bursts because it was frozen, it may be covered, but if a pipe breaks due to poor maintenance, it won’t be covered.


Manufactured home insurance contains liability coverage to protect you if you or someone in the household is found liable for damage to someone else’s property, or if a guest is injured at the home. This insurance will pay for medical expenses for people injured at the home, but won’t pay for your own medical expenses if you fall down the stairs.

There are other additional coverage options, should you want them, which you can discuss with your agent at Blanchard Insurance. For example, you can get trip collision coverage that will help insure your home as it is being transported from the factory to its location. You can also get extended coverage for some of your belongings, including jewelry, watches, and furs. If you have a satellite dish on your home, you can get insurance that pays for the loss to the satellite dish and other systems.

Contact Blanchard Insurance serving Altamonte Springs, FL for a quote on manufactured home insurance.

Does Wedding Insurance Cover The Cost Of Renting The Venue?

A wedding can be a monumental undertaking that involves a variety of costs and planning. It only makes sense to buy insurance to cover you from unforeseen events that can lead to financial losses. If the wedding is held at a house, the homeowner’s insurance may cover the event, but if there is a rented venue, wedding insurance can cover certain events that may cause a cancelation or postponement.

Wedding Insurance Coverage

Wedding insurance is designed to cover unforeseen circumstances that may impact a wedding such as weather or the host venue canceling the event without your consent. Each policy is different so it is important to understand exactly what the policy covers. If there are special circumstances, you may be able to include a rider to cover other costs or potential risks. Most insurance won’t cover cold feet or a change of heart.

Finding Wedding Insurance Coverage

Wedding insurance is a non-traditional insurance product, so you may need to do some searching to find a provider who will offer you the wedding coverage you need. A great company that serves the residents in and around the Altamonte Springs, FL are is Blanchard Insurance. They provide quality wedding insurance products and have knowledgeable agents who can explain the policy details and help you purchase the coverage you need to fit your individual needs.

If you live in or around the Altamonte Springs, FL area and are searching for quality wedding insurance coverage, call or stop by the offices of Blanchard Insurance. They will give you the information you need to make sensible insurance decisions that give you protection from covered events.