Small Part…Big Heart


Blanchard Insurance is not the biggest insurance agency around and we don’t pretend to be. Our business model has always been 100% customer satisfaction and in order achieve this we take a real hands-on service approach in everything we do. We take the same approach when giving back to our Central FL community.

This year we’ve seen a major division in the communities in which we live  across the nation. Whether it’s political, religious, or civil unrest; without our communities coming together we are essentially nothing. That’s why our team here at Blanchard Insurance got together and said what can we do to turn the tide and make our own community better.

Our answer was simple: let’s open a dialogue by breaking bread with one another and embrace the holiday spirit. We reached out to the Daytona Beach Police Department and DME Basketball Academy, a program that prepares student athletes for collegiate basketball programs, and invited everyone to have dinner on us. With the help of our partner and local accounting firm Tax & Business Solutions we served over 80 dinners in 2 nights.

The highlights of the evening were seeing the officers and players swapping their NBA and Division I favorites and actually sitting through a roll call and hearing first person accounts of what these officers go through on a daily basis to keep our communities safe by putting their lives on the line. Some of the officers were even getting early autographs from some of these future NBA stars.

I am proud to be a part of this company and take great pride in the initiatives our team has taken to bring about positive change in our community especially during the holiday season. Maybe next year we’ll run a 3 on 3 tournament, but I think DME might has just a small advantage!

Strategic Planning for College Tuition

From the Desk of Kyle Kelley CPA at …

This is the time of year for giving. We love to gift to our families, as well as, to those in need. For many, the greatest gift we can offer is education. And college is becoming ever so expensive.

The cost of many private colleges now exceeds $80,000 per year or over $300,000for a four-year degree, and perhaps even graduate school after that. While state subsidized college tuition runs significantly less, those costs can still add up to over $30,000 per year, including room and board, transportation, books, tuition, and so on.

For many of us, it becomes the choice between a comfortable retirement and successfully launching our fledglings into the world. It does not have to be that difficult. We can help.

It is very important that your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms are in the office of financial aid on the first day of business in January 2016. The forms must be complete and accurate; otherwise, it could cost you tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let us help.