Mobile Home Insurance is a Specific Type of Policy

Mobile homes are popular housing options, but a lot of people who plan to buy them don’t realize that they need a special kind of insurance policy. Since they’re not the same as a site-built house, there are policy specifications that must be met to cover them the right way. But you don’t have to worry about wading through confusing insurance options for your new place. At Blanchard Insurance we can help you find a mobile home insurance policy that works for your Altamonte Springs, FL area location and the kind of mobile home you want to buy. We’re here to answer your questions and locate the best policy for your needs.

While many mobile homes today look almost identical to a home that was built on-site, the reality is that the construction is different and the home’s ability to handle specific events (such as windstorms) may be affected. Today’s mobile homes are safe, high-quality options, though, and can have insurance policies that are very similar to standard homeowner’s options. Just be sure to let your agent know that you’re insuring a mobile home because the way the policy is created and underwritten will be different. You want to be sure you have the proper coverage, to protect you in case of an accident or other problem.

By contacting us today at Blanchard Insurance, you can get the mobile home insurance policy that’s right for you and covers you correctly. We serve clients all throughout the Altamonte Springs, FL area, and you can give us a call or stop by to get the help you need. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, whether you’re thinking about buying a mobile home or you have one that needs a policy renewal. Don’t hesitate to let us help.