Protect Your Personal Possessions and Add an Inventory to Your Condo Insurance Policy

If you lost your Altamonte Springs, FL condo and everything inside, what exactly will your current condo insurance replace? While your policy does include replacing personal possessions, it may not pay you enough to replace some of your more significant belongings. The agents at Blanchard Insurance would like you to sit down with us and review your policy to make sure you are sufficiently protected from fire and theft.

Most Condo Insurance Comes with Replacement Value for Personal Possessions

Your typical policy will replace lost personal belongings at their replacement value–which means their current value, not what you paid for them. While that will likely take care of replacing pots, pans, and basic clothing requirements, it may not take care of your more unique items.

What Does It Really Cost to Replace Fine Art, Collectibles, or Jewelry?

For those customers who make a habit of adding fine art to their walls, you do realize that the price of the canvas is subject to change. Your grandmother’s pearls are priceless to you, but not necessarily to an adjuster. Perhaps your spouse collects autographs. The signed hat, old pearls, and framed print could be valued far below their purchase price.

Add an Inventory with Assessed Value to be Fully Compensated

When you consult with your insurance agent at Blanchard Insurance to create an inventory, you agree on how much you will be paid if you lose your itemized valuables.  You may need to have different pieces appraised or document purchase prices using receipts. However, in the end, you will end up feeling like your hard work and investments are not just money down the drain.

If you have more questions about condo insurance in the Altamonte Springs, FL area, give us a call and our friendly and knowledgeable agents will be happy to help.