What to Look for When Comparing Car Insurance Polices

Comparing car insurance policies in Altamonte Springs, FL is a good way to save money, but you need to know what to look for.

It can be easy to focus on the final cost of  policy, but when you are comparing policies you need to look at the coverage selections, limits, and deductibles, before you consider the final prices. The cheapest policy will likely offer the least amount of coverage, which can provide some of the least financial protection if you have an accident. There are also a number of different policy options. It’s best to select liability limits that are higher than the required ones and have optional coverage, such as collision or comprehensive insurance, in order to have the best financial protection. You need to compare apples to apples in order to get the right picture.

Compare Discounts and Premiums: Your policy may come with a deductible, and this means you have to pay it before coverage can kick in following a claim. Raising your deductible can lower your premium. When you are comparing limits and deductibles, also look at available discounts that are offered. Discounts can be good money savers, but not all are created equal. Read the terms of each discount and take the savings into consideration while you compare different rates.

Look at the Company: Don’t just look at the quotes, but also look at the company providing the policy. Check the business vitals and factor in customer service. Does the company have any reviews? Are they able to provide claims service 24/7?

Pay Attention to Any Exclusions or Additional Services: Policies can come with additional features. Some policies will offer towing and labor cost overage to help with tire changes, lockout assistance, and emergency job starts. This may not be important if your car is new, but will be useful if your car is older. An add-on service may not break a policy, but it can be useful if you are looking at two policies that are almost the same price. An agent at Blanchard Insurance can explain the added services.

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