What Valuables are Covered by Home Insurance?

Before buying a home insurance policy, consider the value of your home and personal belongings. If you own a lot of valuables, you may need more protection than what a standard policy has to offer. Talking to a  Blanchard Insurance agent will give you greater insight into coverage options and costs so you can get the protection your Altamonte Springs, FL home needs.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance protects your structure, personal goods and liability claims, according to the limits on your policy. If your house or goods are damaged in a storm or fire, home insurance will help pay for their repair or replacement costs. If a friend were to have an accident on your property, your liability coverage would help cover his medical costs.

What about Valuables?

Most insurance policies cover valuables up to a certain amount. If your valuables exceed that amount, you’ll need to purchase additional coverage to fully protect these assets. By reviewing your policy with one of our agents, you can confirm what valuables are covered and the amount of coverage provided. You’ll then need to have your valuables appraised to determine their worth. If your policy doesn’t cover their actual value, you can obtain additional coverage, aka a floater, to safeguard you against their loss. 

Posh jewelry, furs, heirlooms, antiques or works of art are just a few examples of valuables that may need a floater to cover their repair or replacement cost. Your floater should protect your valuables against the same perils as your standard insurance to include theft and “mysterious disappearance” (loss of an item due to undetermined cause).

To learn more about floaters and the protection they offer, contact Blanchard Insurance, Altamonte Springs, FL. We can provide you with personalized home insurance coverage suited to your individual need.