Golf Cart Insurance in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide 

Golf carts have become an integral part of the Florida lifestyle, providing a convenient and enjoyable way to navigate golf courses, neighborhoods, and communities. However, with the increasing popularity of golf carts, it’s essential to understand the insurance requirements and options available for Florida golf cart owners. 

Two golf carts on cart path

Legal Requirements for Golf Cart Insurance in Florida 

While golf carts are not mandatory to insure in Florida, there are specific requirements for low-speed vehicles (LSVs) that exceed speeds of 20 miles per hour. LSVs, which include street-legal golf carts, utility vehicles, and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), must be registered with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and insured with property damage liability insurance and personal injury protection insurance. These requirements are in place to protect you, the driver, and others on the road in case of an accident. 

Differences between street-legal and non-street-legal golf carts in Florida 

Street Legal Golf Cart on road - insurance required

Speed and Safety Requirements: 

Street-legal golf carts, also known as Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), must have a top speed between 20-25 mph and meet federal safety standards. This includes features like headlights, turn signals, mirrors, seatbelts, etc.  

Non-street-legal golf carts typically have a top speed under 20 mph and do not meet the same safety requirements as LSVs. They are not allowed on public roads with speed limits over 35 mph.  

Registration and Insurance: 

LSVs must be registered and insured like regular motor vehicles in Florida.  

Non-street-legal golf carts do not require registration or insurance, but their use on public roads is more limited. 

Age and Licensing Requirements: 

Drivers of LSVs must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. 13 

Drivers of non-street-legal golf carts can be as young as 14 years old but may need a learner’s permit or driver’s license depending on local regulations.  

Permitted Road Usage: 

LSVs can be driven on roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less and can cross higher speed limit roads if the crossing is marked as safe. 

Non-street-legal golf carts are typically limited to designated golf cart paths, communities, or other areas specifically allowing their use on public roads. 

In summary, street-legal LSVs have more stringent requirements but can be driven on a wider range of public roads, while non-street-legal golf carts have fewer requirements but are more restricted in where they can be operated. The key distinction is the speed and safety capabilities of the vehicle. 

Types of Coverage for Golf Carts in Florida 

Golf carts parked on street

When it comes to insuring your golf cart in Florida, there are several types of coverage to consider: 

Liability Coverage: This type of coverage helps pay for damages or injuries you may cause to others in an accident. It’s a legal requirement for street-legal golf carts in Florida. 

Collision Coverage: This coverage helps pay for repairs to your golf cart if it’s damaged in a collision with another object, such as another golf cart or a stationary object. 

Comprehensive Coverage: This type of coverage protects your golf cart from non-collision damage, such as theft, fire, or weather-related damage. 

Medical Payments Coverage: This coverage helps pay for medical bills if you or your passengers are injured in a golf cart accident. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage helps cover your costs if you’re hit by someone without insurance. 

Factors That Affect Your Golf Cart Insurance Policy 

Several factors can influence the cost of your golf cart insurance policy in Florida, including: 

Insurance Company: Different insurance companies offer varying rates and coverage options. 

Modifications to Your Golf Cart: If you’ve made modifications to your golf cart that increase its speed or capacity, it may be classified as an LSV, which requires more comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Added Coverage: Additional coverage options, such as roadside assistance or coverage for accessories, can increase your premium. 

Golf Cart’s Age, Model, and Size: The age, model, and size of your golf cart can impact your insurance rates. 

Seats That Face Backward: These carts are considered riskier as rear-facing seats are less secure for passengers, especially when turning or reversing. As a result, insurance companies may view these carts as higher risk and charge higher premiums or offer more limited coverage options. 

Location in Florida: Golf cart insurance rates can vary depending on where you live in Florida. 

Owner’s Age and Driving History: Your age and driving history can also affect your insurance rates. 

Insuring your golf cart in Florida is a crucial step in protecting yourself, your passengers, and others on the road. While not mandatory for traditional golf carts, insurance is strongly recommended to ensure you’re adequately covered in case of an accident. By understanding the legal requirements, types of coverage, and factors that affect your policy, you can make informed decisions about your golf cart insurance in Florida. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a resident of a coastal area, or a member of a golf community, knowing your options and requirements can provide peace of mind and financial protection. 

Additional Resources 

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For more information on golf cart insurance in Florida, reach out to an agent here at Blanchard Insurance and we will be able to help you with any questions and ensure you are covered correctly. Additionally, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides detailed information on the registration and insurance requirements for LSVs, including golf carts. 

By following this guide, you can ensure that your golf cart is properly insured and that you’re protected in case of an accident. Whether you’re cruising around your neighborhood or hitting the links, knowing you’re covered can give you the freedom to enjoy your golf cart with confidence. 

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