Homeowners Insurance in Florida

Blanchard Insurance across Florida is a reputable firm that offers its clients access to both homeowners and automobile insurance. At Blanchard Insurance we understand that life can sometimes throw us a curve ball in the form of unforeseen circumstances and that these events can sometimes cause damage to personal property.

Florida Requirements

The laws in Florida currently require anyone driving a car to have automobile insurance. And while there are no laws on the books in Florida requiring homeowners to have insurance on their properties, many banks require that their customers purchase a policy to protect their investment. It is advised that homeowners choose a policy that provides full coverage, or the entire cost of replacing the home with current building code requirements, and that they have some sort of content insurance. Some lenders only require that homeowners have content insurance to cover the cost of replacing the items inside the home.

How We Can Help

Blanchard Insurance has been providing automobile and homeowners insurance to customers surrounding the Central Florida Area for over 20 years. We provide an insurance rating tool to help you find the rate and coverage level that will best suit your needs. This tool can be used by those looking for a variety of homeowner and car insurance packages, and it is available to be used for free on our website by anyone who would like to research rates.

To find out more about the packages and services that we offer, we encourage you to stop into on of our offices to discuss our products in greater detail. Our aim is to best understand how we can make sure all your insurance needs are met.  We can help you set up a new policy, and we cannot wait for the opportunity to do business with you.