Why Have Car Insurance Rates Gone Up?

If you’ve noticed a bump in your car insurance rates lately, you’re not alone. Florida, known for its sunshine and scenic drives, is facing a significant surge in car insurance costs. But why? Let’s delve into the factors contributing to this spike, shedding light on the intricacies behind the numbers. 

General Factors Affecting Car Insurance Rates: 

Inflation’s Heavy Hand 

The cost of maintaining and repairing vehicles has skyrocketed. Inflation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s impacting the materials essential for car repairs. Everything comes with a steeper price tag, from spare parts to specialized tools. Moreover, the dramatic increase in car prices in recent years has further exacerbated this situation, adding pressure to insurance costs. While inflation is a large piece of the puzzle, more factors are at play. From June 2022 to June 2023, car insurance premiums rose by an average of 16.9%, outpacing the average inflation rate. The additional factors adding upward pressure on the average cost of car insurance will be explored in the remainder of this article.  

Labor costs increasing car insurance rates

Labor Woes and Repair Rates 

A shortage of skilled labor in the automotive repair industry has caused a ripple effect. With fewer technicians available, labor rates have surged. These increased rates directly impact repair costs covered by insurance, causing a domino effect on premium rates for drivers. Many auto repair shops have approved rate increases of 6%-9%, contributing to rising repair costs. 

Weathering Storms: Severe Weather and Auto Damages 

Florida’s unpredictable weather patterns have taken a toll on vehicles. Severe weather events have become more frequent, leading to heightened damages, even to automobiles. The resulting increase in losses due to weather-related damages adds a substantial burden to insurers, ultimately reflecting in elevated car insurance rates for consumers. Insurers periodically assess claims made in an area within a particular period. A surge in claims due to weather-related events can lead to an increase in premiums 

Hurricane damaged car

Driving Trends and Accident Statistics 

Driving rates, accident frequencies, and the severity of accidents have all escalated. As more vehicles hit the roads, the likelihood of accidents increases. Unfortunately, the severity of these accidents has also surged, leading to higher insurance claims and, consequently, amplified insurance premiums for all drivers. Fatal car crashes were up 15% in 2022 as compared to 2020.  

Legal System Dynamics: Impact on Insurance 

Minor accidents that might have once been settled without legal action are now leading to litigation. Florida’s legal system is experiencing an upsurge in lawsuits, even for seemingly trivial fender benders. This legal trend results in increased legal fees and settlements, further inflating insurance costs across the board. 

Household-Specific Factors That Can Increase the Car Insurance Rates: 

Speeding Tickets and Other Moving Violations 

Moving violations, such as speeding tickets, signal to insurers that you may be more likely to be involved in an accident. Each violation adds to your perceived risk level, potentially leading to higher premiums. Even a single minor moving violation can result in a rate increase.  

Car accidents increasing

Accidents: Both At-Fault and Not-At-Fault 

Your driving record is a key factor in determining your insurance rates. At-fault accidents typically indicate a higher risk for future incidents, prompting insurers to adjust your premiums accordingly. A full coverage premium will increase about 42 percent, on average, after an at-fault accident.

Adding Vehicles and Drivers 

Upgrading to a more expensive vehicle or adding a new driver to your policy can result in higher premiums. More expensive cars may cost more to repair or replace and are often more attractive to thieves. Adding a teen driver or someone with a poor driving record can also increase your rates due to the higher risk associated with inexperienced or high-risk drivers. 

Car Insurance Increases

Claims in Your Area 

The rate of theft, accidents, or weather-related claims within your ZIP code can affect your insurance rates. High claim rates in your area can make it riskier for insurers to provide coverage, potentially leading to increased premiums for all drivers in the area, regardless of individual driving records. 


Relocating can affect your insurance rates, especially if you move to an area with a different risk profile for claims. Even if you stay within the same state, your rates could change based on the claims history of your new ZIP code. 


Insurance rates can change as you age. While there may be discounts for senior drivers, rates can increase as you reach your mid-70s due to the higher risk associated with older drivers. However, this risk is generally not as high as that for teen drivers, unless there is an increase in claims or other risk factors. 

Lapse in Insurance 

A lapse in your car insurance coverage can lead to higher rates when you reinstate or start a new policy. Insurers view gaps in coverage as an increased risk. 

Loss of Discounts 

Losing eligibility for discounts, such as those for a clean driving record, can also lead to higher rates. Incidents that lead to the loss of discounts, such as accidents, can compound the increase in your premium. 

Navigating the Path Forward

Car Insurance Rates moving forward

While these factors may paint a grim picture for Florida drivers, understanding the reasons behind the rate hike is the first step towards managing the situation. At Blanchard Insurance, we’re committed to aiding our clients in navigating these challenging times. 

Our approach involves not just selling policies but also providing clarity. We strive to keep you informed about industry shifts, offer tailored solutions, and ensure that you understand the intricacies of your coverage. 

In this dynamic landscape, proactive measures matter. We continuously adapt to industry changes, ensuring our clients have the most relevant coverage. Collaborating closely with our clients, we aim to streamline the insurance process and provide support throughout your journey. 

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