Why Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

Classic cars aren’t your conventional cars. They have a higher value for different reasons. How will you treat an animal if you find out that it is the last of its kind? You’ll treat it like a king, right? This applies to classic cars too. They are not available in commercial numbers. All classic cars are only one of their kinds.

A classic car is a showpiece anytime. This category of cars is often taken to rallies and car shows. Virtually all classic cars are made of older spare parts that are not available in the market. So, if any part packs up, it may be impossible to replace it.

Also, people hire classic cars for events, like a wedding or photoshoots. So, these are why classic cars are of higher value than conventional cars. They require special insurance. Classic car insurance comes in different categories, and they have been outlined below.

Classic Car Insurance

This insurance is for cars that were manufactured about 19 to 24 years ago. Apart from the fact that their contemporaries do not exist anymore, these cars are usually one of the best models among their contemporaries. According to The Classic Car Club of America, a classic car is any car manufactured between 1925 and 1948, and still fully operational.

Antique Car Insurance

This insurance is for antique cars. Automobile companies define an antique car as a car that is at least 25 years and still in good working condition. On the other hand, the Antique Automobile Club of America defines an antique car as the one that is at least 45 years old and still in good working condition.

Modified Car Insurance

This insurance is for cars whose design and structure have been modified for certain advantages. Can you remember how Dom Toretto and his gang used to modify the engine of their cars for speed and stability in Fast & Furious movie series? Those are examples of modified cars. The modifications turn the cars into classic cars. 

For more information on classic car insurance, contact Blanchard Insurance in Altamonte Springs, FL. 

What does recreational insurance cover?

What does recreational insurance cover? 

Many residents in the Altamonte Springs, FL area, who own campers, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles, make the mistake of not insuring their recreational vehicles with a separate policy because they assume the coverage is provided under their homeowners’ insurance policy. However, recreational vehicles are unique and, as a result, require unique insurance coverage. The agents at Blanchard Insurance are happy to assist you with putting together a custom recreational insurance policy. 

Liability Coverage 

A recreational insurance policy will help cover third party medical bills and damages as a result of an accident in which you were at fault. Similarly to auto insurance, the state requires you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage for your RV. Liability coverage will also cover third party property damage caused by your RV. 

Collision coverage 

Collision coverage will help pay for you to repair or replace your RV in the event you are in an accident. Collision coverage is vital if your RV is brand new and expensive. If it is older and not costly to replace, you may not need this coverage. 

Comprehensive coverage 

Comprehensive coverage will help repair or replace your RV in the event it is damaged outside an accident. Incidents for coverage under this policy include fire, theft, and vandalism. 

Add on Coverages 

There are a few additional coverages you can speak with your agent about adding to your policy for extra protection. 

Medical payments

In the event you are in an accident, and your health insurance coverage is not enough, medical payment coverage will help make sure your medical bills are paid. 

Coverage for valuables 

Since many people spend more time in their campers, you likely have additional valuables such as electronics that you may not have in your regular car. Additional coverage to protect you in the event your valuables are damaged or stolen is available. 

If you would like to learn more about insuring your recreational vehicle, reach out to an agent at Blanchard Insurance today. We proudly serve the Altamonte Springs, FL area.

When is it necessary to get RV insurance in Florida?

Those that are in the Altamonte Springs, FL area and want to be able to see all that the state and rest of the country have to offer should consider investing in an RV. Having an RV is a great investment as it will allow you to drive in a comfortable vehicle while always having a convenient and affordable place to sleep. If you do get RV insurance, there are several situations when having insurance on it will be a necessity.

When you Drive on a Public Road

While you do not have to have insurance just to own the RV, if you want to take it out on the road you are going to need to have insurance. All drivers in Florida need to have liability insurance for their vehicles, no matter what type of vehicle it is. RV insurance will include liability insurance that allows you to comply with this law.

If you have a Loan

Additionally, if you took out a loan when you want to buy an RV, you should also get RV insurance. The lender will need you to carry a full policy with comprehensive and collision coverage. This way, the lender will know that their collateral for the loan is fully covered at all times. 

If you own an RV in the Altamonte Springs, FL area, it is practically always a necessity for you to have insurance for it. When you are looking for your next RV insurance policy, you should call the team at Blanchard Insurance. Choosing the right form of insurance for your RV can be complicated and Blanchard Insurance can help to make it much easier. They will be able to review your individual situation and get you into a policy that works. 

Do I need motorcycle insurance in Altamonte Springs, FL?

Riding a motorcycle is a popular pastime in the Sunshine State. Warm weather and flat roads are a great combination and pair that with Daytona Beach Bike Week and it explains why there are more than 570,000 registered motorcycles in the state of Florida. As an owner do you need motorcycle insurance in Altamonte Springs, FL? Requirements for insurance in Florida are a little different than in most other states and stopping by to talk to Blanchard Insurance will help to clarify the laws for you. 

In Florida the requirements for vehicles with four wheels and two wheels are different. While four-wheel vehicles are required to carry liability insurance, motorcycle drivers are not. However, they are required to be able to show proof of financial responsibility.  The helmet law in Florida also has some requirements. Riders under the age of 21 are required to wear a helmet and if you are over 21 and choose not to wear a helmet, you must carry a minimum of $10,000 medical insurance coverage. 

Just because you aren’t required to carry motorcycle insurance, doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to drive without it. Florida has one of the highest fatality rates for motorcycle riders in the country. Elderly drivers and crowded roads are not a good combination. Your motorcycle is a major investment and protecting it and yourself is in your best interest. Being able to repair or replace your baby is very important and protecting yourself from the results of an accident both medical and financial is vital to your peace of mind. 

If you are planning to drive a motorcycle in Florida, it is a good idea to stop by or give a call to the experienced staff at Blanchard Insurance. They can give you a no-obligation quote and valuable information on how best to protect yourself.  

How Boat Insurance Improves Your Safety

Your boat is likely much more than just a piece of machinery or equipment to you. Despite the upkeep it takes to maintain it, the freedom and joy you feel on the water makes all the hard work worth it. But having a boat is more than just tightening loose screws and cleaning out the cabin. If you live in Altamonte Springs, FL, Blanchard Insurance wants you to know how a solid insurance policy can be the key to keeping your vessel as safe as possible. 

Giving You Options 

If your boat sustains major damage from a collision, it’s not usually the first thing you fix. Because you likely don’t need the boat immediately to get to work (like a car), it’s not treated with the same sense of urgency. The right boat insurance policy can cover you against collision damage and bodily injury though, so you have the means to get it fixed right away. 

If you choose to use the boat after it’s been in an accident, it may endanger your safety (and the safety of others). Even if the engine still runs, the damage can put too much strain and pressure on the boat than it can reasonably handle. 

Finally, consider how boat insurance can protect you against unforeseen medical costs. If you injure someone else due to your boat, boat insurance covers bills so that everyone receives the care and attention they deserve. 

Finding Help 

If you live in Altamonte Springs, FL, you already know just how amazing a boat can be all-year-round. If you have questions about the different types of boat insurance available, call Blanchard Insurance today. We can help you find the coverage that will keep you (and your watercraft) protected through thick and thin. 

Water Damage That Is Covered By Condo Insurance

Water damage is something that no one wants to experience at home. It can create an unexpected and serious problem that is stressful to handle. And while coverage for water damage varies from policy to policy, there are some items that are generally covered. Here are more details, courtesy of Blanchard Insurance serving the Altamonte Springs, FL area.


Of course, plumbing problems are a key source of water damage in any home, including a condo. That damage can originate from a sink in the bathroom or kitchen, a shower, a toilet or any other type of plumbing.

Water Heater

Either you or someone you know has probably experienced a situation where the water heater malfunctioned or even caused some water damage. If that ever happens in your condo, there is a good chance the damage will be covered by your condo insurance policy.


Various appliances, such as the washer or refrigerator, could be involved in some type of problem that creates water damage in your condo, and that could be covered by your condo insurance policy. Coverage will depend on the specific details of the damage though.

HVAC Systems

Your heating or air conditioning system might undergo some type of issue that creates water damage in your condo. Depending on the specifics of the damage, you may find that your condo insurance provides some coverage.

Just as it is important to know what water damage is covered by your condo insurance, you should also know what is not covered. Check with your policy, and always be familiar with what it says. If you would like to request some information about condo insurance, feel free to contact Blanchard Insurance serving the Altamonte Springs, FL area.

How a Florida Resident Can Benefit from Auto Insurance

Owning a car in the Altamonte Springs, FL area is normally a very good idea. When you do have a car in this area, you will find that it is a lot easier to get around and get your daily tasks completed. If you are going to buy a car in this area, you need to make sure that you have auto insurance. A good auto insurance policy can benefit you several different ways. 

Ensure that You Meet All Requirements

One benefit of having auto insurance in Florida is that it will make sure that you are in compliance with all requirements. In Florida, just as in other states, you are going to be required to carry auto insurance at all times. This will ensure that you are able to pay restitution if you are liable for accident damage. Further, if you have a car loan, the lender will require that you have auto insurance. By carrying insurance, you will comply with all agreements.

Protects Your Investment

Even if it is not required, carrying auto insurance is a good idea as it will protect your investment. Buying a new car is a big purchase and you need to make sure you are properly covered. Getting auto insurance will make sure that you are properly covered for a variety of potential situations.

Choosing the right auto insurance policy for your personal situation is always a very big decision. When you are ready to start shopping for auto insurance for your Altamonte Springs, FL vehicle, the team at Blanchard Insurance should be the first people that you call. The insurance professionals at Blanchard Insurance know how important picking the right policy is. They will be able to help you to get into a policy that provides you with the right protection. 

Is A Professionally Monitored Home Security System Worth the Cost?

In today’s world. it is up to you to protect your home. The agents at Blanchard Insurance understand how important it is to care for your family and make sure your home is secure. In Altamonte Springs, FL, a way families can choose to protect their homes is with a professionally monitored home security system. A professionally monitored system offers many benefits over a self-monitored system.

Mobile Apps

Most home security systems offer a mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. This allows you to look in on your home whenever you want. When your system is professionally monitored, the monitoring center can also use the mobile app to notify you in case of an emergency.

Immediate Emergency Response

When your system is professionally monitored, any time that a sensor is triggered, the monitoring center is able to respond immediately. The faster the center responds, the quicker the situation will be resolved and your home secured. In many situations, time is of the essence.

Peace of Mind

With a professional monitoring service, you have eyes on your home 24/7, even when you are asleep. If you self-monitor your system, there are times when no one will be watching. With a professionally monitored system, the staff at the monitoring center will be watching 24/7 to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

The agents of Blanchard Insurance are available to answer any questions that may arise about how a professionally monitored home security system can help you protect your home in Altamonte Springs, FL. Stop by their office or call and talk to an agent today!

Why Commercial Insurance Is So Important

Any business in Altamonte Springs, FL that is looking to protect themselves over the long haul will need to obtain commercial insurance. If the business has any employees to speak of, they are required to obtain these protections by law. However, there are a number of companies that only obtain the bare minimum coverage. They do not consider all of the potential issues that can occur. That’s where Blanchard Insurance comes into play.

Added Protection 

Commercial insurance offers additional protection against any number of issues. Accidents, damages, liabilities and negligence claims are just a few of the issues that a business protects themselves from when they obtain commercial insurance. A business can either purchase these policies as part of a helpful bundle or they can make separate purchases.

Necessary Preparation 

When accidents take place, businesses are not always prepared for everything that comes with them. All it takes are a few moments of unexpected downtime to place a business in a more challenging position than necessary. While insurance does not allow the company to prevent any misfortunes that might take place, it does allow them to remain prepared at all times.

Specifically Tailored Policies 

Commercial insurance agents are able to sit down with clients and offer them specific packages that are designed to handle their needs. Property damages are addressed by these policies and the business owner remains protected from all sorts of weather-related calamities that can occur without warning.

Company vehicles must also remain protected at all times and these policies are a crucial aspect of the equation. Lawsuits that occur after an accident has taken place can be rather costly. Once the business has obtained a policy that is tailored to their specific needs, they are able to shelter themselves from the myriad of legal issues that can occur. 

Be sure to take a moment to contact Blanchard Insurance in Altamonte Springs, FL for more insurance information. This allows a client to make more informed decisions about their chosen policies. 

How will mobile home insurance protect me?

Owning a mobile home can be a great housing option. When you own a mobile home, you will have the advantage of owning your own asset and property while not necessarily having to live in the same place all of the time. For those that are in the Altamonte Springs, FL area, having proper insurance in place at all times is important. A mobile home insurance policy can protect you in a number of different ways. 

Gives Liability Protection

One of the reasons why you should get a mobile home insurance policy is because it will give you liability insurance protection. As a mobile homeowner, you will be taking on risk as soon as someone enters your property. If there is any kind of accident, you could be found liable. Additionally, you will be required to have some form of liability insurance if you keep your mobile home in a public or shared location. 

Protects the Home

Buying a mobile home is a big investment and one that you need to protect as much as possible. A great way that you can do this is through a mobile home insurance policy. This type of insurance will give you insurance protection if your property is damaged by a fire, bad weather, or any other issue that causes damage and a financial loss. 

If you want to get a mobile home in the Altamonte Springs, FL area, you should speak with Blanchard Insurance as soon as you can. The team at Blanchard Insurance can help you to understand all of your options when it comes to insuring your mobile home. This will help you to pick a policy that properly protects your assets and protects you from certain forms of liability.